Zambia Customs and Forwarding Agent's Association

We welcome you to the Zambia Customs and Forwarding Agent's Association (Z.C.F.A.A) home page.

The ZCFAA is the oldest Association in Zambia for Professional Clearing and Forwarding Agents.

Founded in 1989 with just 8 members, who represented around 90% of the existing agents at that time, the current ZCFAA membership can proudly boast that they are the biggest collectors of Government Revenue.The members of this Association account for approximately 85% of the international trade movements and collect monthly an average of 80% of the government trade tax revenues.For full contact details of our Members, please refer to the Membership pages.

The ZCFAA are registered members with FIATA and The Federation of Clearing and Forwarding Associations of Southern Africa (FCFASA) and our Chairperson forms part of the current Executive Board.

The ZCFAA believes in promoting Customs-Private Sector partnership and dialogue with the Government Ministries in order to create a conducive
cross-border trading environment with prompt and correct revenue collection.

EVERY MEMBER shall bring its commitment to this Code of Ethical Conduct to the notice of its clients by displaying it prominently in a public area of each of its trading offices. It further undertakes to bring the Code to the notice of its staff; both now and in the future,to ensure that the commitment to it is maintained.
Totaly landlocked, Zambia is surrounded by eight other countries and is therefore ideally situated as a central distribution hub within Central Africa.
The ZCFAA Members, working , together are based at all major Customs Ports covering our Trade Routes.
All Members work under agreed Standard Trading Conditions and operate under a signed Code of conduct, which includes the following clauses.

EVERY MEMBER shall hold strictly confidential all information relating to the legitimate business affairs of its clients and shall not divulge any such information to a third party save with the express consent of its clients or upon the legitimate demands of the Authorities.

NO MEMBER shall knowingly associate itself with any enterprise or business transaction of questionable nature which could bring it into contention with this Code or conflict with the lawful requirements of the Authorities or reflect against the professional standing of the Association

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